Stanley's Stinkers - Stanley's Stinkers
We pick the real losers  - Company Message
Stanley's Stinkers is the most unique CFB  experience because we use one part humor, one part stats and a little bit of Reverse Prognostication™.
Every week, we predict the LOSERS in college football's biggest games. 

Yes, the losers.
And we're pretty good at it, too. Last season, we were correct in more that 80% of our games. That's not bad considering the fact that we don't shy away from the big games and we have been known to pick upsets.
Join us weekly on your favorite radio station or in your best newspaper. If they don't carry Stanley's Stinkers, call them and tell them they can get all the fun for free. Better yet, send me an email and I'll let them know.

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Stanley's Stinkers is intended for entertainment only. We love football but we also love our family and we know our priorities. Always put your family first and let everything else fall into place.

Your kids and spouse will love you long after the season is over.