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Stanley's Stinkers week 4 (podcast script)
Week 3 of the 2014 season
Stanley's Stinkers Maddens the Midwest (press release)
Week 2 of the 2014 season
Newspaper version, week 1 2014


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Stinkin Thinkin with Stanley's Stinkers

Stanley's Stinkers week 4 (podcast script)

(This is the podcast script for week 4 of the 2014 college football season.)

Week three of the college football season certainly had a few surprises. Some of those we saw coming. A few were just plain shocking. Nonetheless, Stanley’s Stinkers survived with a 29-11 record bringing our overall success rate to eighty-three percent. That’s not bad, though, considering the fact that we never back down from the big games. We use Reverse Prognostication to predict the losers in college football’s biggest battles.

Week 3 of the 2014 season

(This is the podcast script of Stanley's Stinkers for week 3 of the 2014 season. You can hear the audio on our podcast page.)

Week two of the college football season goes down in the books as a disappointment for some teams while other schools walked away with a better idea of what it takes to win. We fall into the latter of the two groups.

Stanley’s Stinkers finished the week with a 35-5 record, bringing our overall success rate down just a bit  to 88.7%. But, that is really not bad considering the fact that we never back down from the big games.

Stanley's Stinkers Maddens the Midwest (press release)

(Reposted from PRLog)

PRLog - Sep. 4, 2014 - ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- After starting the season with a 35-4 record, Stanley Reese, the host of the nationally syndicated Stanley's Stinkers show has released his bold predictions for week two. And it's not going over well in the Wolverine State.

"I didn't realize that I had actually picked both Michigan State and Michigan to lose in the same weekend," Reese said from his home in Huntsville, Alabama. "Both teams play tough games and, looking at the stats, I made my best prediction.

Week 2 of the 2014 season

The 2014 college football season finally got underway last weekend and there was plenty of action all across the country. There was even a game across the pond.

So, while the dog days of summer might leave some fans with visions of splendor, there is always one team out there that is ready to take down those big dogs. That is what makes college football so fun.

Stanley’s Stinkers registered a final score of 35-4 in the opening week and that’s not bad at all considering the fact that we never back down from the tough match-ups.

Newspaper version, week 1 2014

The 2014 College Football season gets started this weekend and there are a number of really good games to watch. Last year, we were right in eight out of ten games which was tough enough because we never back down from the marquee games. We use Reverse Prognostication to predict the losers in college football's biggest games. With that said, here are the games we will be watching.
UCLA Bruins at Virginia Cavaliers. The Bruin Bears take a hike up Walton's Mountain Saturday and that is a place where a bear is never a welcome sight.

Does Lane Kiffin Still Have Deflated Balls?

During the 2012 college football season, controversy arose in the Pac 12 conference and across all of college football when USC was accused of using footballs which were not properly inflated.

I reported the story soon after it came to light. Well, I guess I used a little tongue-in-cheek humor so you can call it reporting if you want to.

"Test Each Players Balls Before Every Game" was the headline and I even started a petition to try and get enough signatures to present to the NCAA.

Test Each Player's Balls Before Every Game

(This story was originally posted in the Stinkin' Thinkin' blog during the 2012 season while Lane Kiffin was still a successful head coach for the Trojans.)

Lane Kiffin, the heralded coach for the USC Trojans has deflated balls. Well, I guess we should use past tense. He HAD deflated balls.They’re pumped up now.
During a recent game against Oregon, the Trojans were playing with their deflated balls and were caught red handed by the Conference Commissioner. The team didn’t deny playing with their deflated balls.

5 Suprising 5 Loss Teams in 2014

Last year, I stuck my neck on the line and picked five surprising five loss teams for 2013. I was more right than wrong but I was very wrong about one team.

This year, said neck is on the line again but this time with some cigar room music playing in the background.

My pal Danny Sheridan, in Cigar Aficionado magazine, put his own goozle on the proverbial line with a "10 Worst Teams"story. Some of his predictions make sense but I disagree with others.

Danny has picked Arkansas as his tenth worst team.

The Letdown Teams of 2014

The college football season is just about a month away, and that means plenty of people are taking a look at who might be national title contenders by the end of the year. Instead of focusing on the best teams in this article, the focus will be on those who are being overrated a bit too much. Here are three teams poised to be letdowns in 2014.


After an impressive win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, there is considerable hype surrounding the Oklahoma Sooners. However, plenty of people have them rated as a top 5 team going into the 2014 regular season.

What's with these players?

Call me old school but I think there is something wrong with college football these days. At least with the players of the game.

Sure the competition is better than ever. Yes, the game day experience is more grand than before. And, of course, the coverage out-paces anything from yesteryear.

But, these players are just spoiled.

Well, maybe not all of them. I am sure that there are some really good, selfless players out there who never get attention or press coverage. But, it seems like every week when a wide receiver from Missouri or a quarterback from Auburn or a defensive lineman from Alabama gets arrested or issued a citation or is caught doing something he shouldn't do.